Second phase of Tuning Africa to be launched at General Meeting in Cairo

The Tuning Africa project will officially enter its second phase when its General Meeting convenes in Cairo, Egypt, from 12 to 14 October. Some 145 participants from 109 universities in 42 African countries are expected to join the event.

Tuning Africa is a joint EU-African project that promotes harmonisation and quality enhancement in African higher education through close collaboration in programme design for key subject areas among colleagues from different countries across the continent.

Using a strongly outcome-based and learner-centred methodology that has been implemented with great success in countries all over the world, it builds into programme design the necessary premises for increased international collaboration, transparency and recognition, and through this, for increased student and labour mobility.

Tuning Africa is a joint initiative of the African Union and the European Union operating in the framework of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy.

The first phase of the projects started in 2011, covering just five subject areas and a limited number of universities and countries.

In the second phase of Tuning Africa, design work carried out in the first phase will be implemented and new subjects will be tackled. A total of eight subject areas will be covered in the next three years: Agricultural Sciences, Applied Geology, Civil Engineering, Economics, Higher Education Management, Mechanical Engineering, Medicine and Teacher Education.

In Cairo, participants will meet in plenary sessions as well as the subject area groups that they will work with in the course of the next three years. The final programme will be announced soon.