To further strengthen the cooperation between EU and African Higher Education Areas.

To address and contribute to the key features of the African Higher Education Harmonization Strategy.

To enable closer ties between higher education policy makers in the African Union and the European Union.


5 seminars, following each of the steps of Tuning methodology and in closed dialogue with African Higher Education Harmonization Strategy.

The development of conceptual frameworks for the five thematic fields involved.

A series of materials and tools will be made available to the pilot institutions and in some cases will be developed further by them to suit the African context.

The development of a hub in each of the five sub-regions in Africa  for one of the thematic areas .

A set of open networks to facilitate the pan - African spirit, thus each of these networks will be opened to representatives from each of the other regions.

Incorporation of distant learning into the Tuning system as a pioneering  experience.

Designed and developed degree programmes for the five thematic areas involved with the following characteristics:

A set of reference points for generic competences.

5 conceptual framework according to the areas selected together with  5 academic and professional profiles for each of the subject areas (at first, second and third cycle level).

A methodology for consulting relevant social groups in order to bridge the gap between social needs and higher education.

60 champions trained in the design and implementation of degree programmes focused on competences and centred in student learning and concentrated in five thematic fields and from a number of selected HE Institutions.